New Adventures and Challenges: Leaving ABC News

Today I sent this email (below) to my friends and colleagues at ABC News. I sent a similar email to the huge collection of contacts I’ve amassed in my years here. The heart-warming good wishes I’ve received from my colleagues here at ABC are overwhelming. Nice to know everyone thinks I have such a sunny disposition!

The responses from those in the PR world make me smile: WOW!, Ack!, No Way!, Shocked, but excited! Can’t believe it!

I’m looking forward to my next adventure…this one has been incredible.



After some 25 years at ABC News, tomorrow is my last day. Some people may call me an institution. I call me incredibly lucky. I began my career at ABC News fresh out of college at a time when staying at your first job just didn’t happen. I started as a desk assistant and have worked my way through pretty much every position that exists at Radio, and even invented a few for myself along the way. I was there for the big move to West End Ave., the transition from typewriters to computers, and helped launch our technology broadcast, which has inspired my career and my passion.

Leaving ABC after all these years is difficult. I will miss checking my BlackBerry and knowing what’s going on in the news when the rest of the world, and Twitter, are all guessing and speculating. I will miss doing my tech segments with the fabulous crew at WNN who always marveled at whatever gadgets I brought over. I will miss calling my friend and mentor, Jim Hickey, and asking for his parking space. I will miss being a part of an incredibly talented, hard-working team of journalists who persevere, no matter the circumstances. Most of all, I will miss the people I have come to think of as part of my family. No, I will not miss the 5am and weekend shifts.

I am headed to a digital media company where I’ll continue to write and report on consumer technology and preach the gospel of living a digital life. I’m sure our paths will cross somewhere, but please keep in touch.

Thanks for all the incredible years and memories.

Andrea Smith

One thought on “New Adventures and Challenges: Leaving ABC News

  1. EpicGregarious

    Stepping out of your comfort zone is amazingly difficult – but its the new territories where you’ll find new perspectives on life. You have a courageous soul. And win, lose, or draw, you’ll find a new and stronger you. Go get em gal! All the best!


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