About Andrea

Andrea Smith is an award-winning technology reporter, producer, consultant and speaker.

One of the first woman journalists covering technology, Andrea has reported on technology and social media and the impact both have on people and society for broadcast, print and digital outlets since before Jeff Bezos launched Amazon.com.

At ABC Radio News, Andrea developed and then produced for more than a decade the groundbreaking daily network broadcast Cybershake. She was also an on-air Technology contributor to GMA, WABC TV, ABC News Digital and World News Now. You can see some of those videos here.

More recently, Andrea was the Lifestyle Channel Editor at Mashable, and today, she runs her own successful digital communications business, Andrea Smith Media, LLC.

Andrea loves gadgets, apps, mobile phones and tech trends, including hiring trends, as well as the underlying technologies. She prides herself in being able to explain them in a way that helps people embrace the latest technology. She brings this ability to communicate technology in a conversational manner to her satellite media tours (SMT).

Andrea currently writes for HuffPost Tech, Techlicious, Chip Chick, and Popular Science, as well as other publications. She’s also co-host of the weekly Parenting Bytes podcast on the CBS Play.it network, and is ­­­­a contributor to CNBC and WABC-TV tech segments.

Andrea is a member of the Consumer Electronics Association Advisory Board, and has spoken at and moderated panels at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every year since 2008. She also produces Mommy Tech TV for Living in Digital Times.

Andrea has received multiple broadcasting awards, and most recently, she was honored to receive the Women in CE Legacy Award at CES 2015.

Please see the Contact page to follow or connect with Andrea.

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