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Andrea Smith Women in CE Award

Women in CE 2015 Legacy Awards

Those of you who know me know I began my career as a newswriter and producer at ABC News in the early 80’s and started covering the world of technology sometime in 1994. At that time there very few women in tech, not journalists and certainly not the decision-makers at the tech companies I was interviewing.

Back then, mentoring and “leaning in” was not a trend. There were no women to turn to to ask advice, to help with connections or to propel you forward. This was a journey I made myself, digging in each and every day and trying to prove to people I could do the job.

There were times I was the only woman on a panel of tech journalists, and certainly the only one in the ladies room at tech conferences. That’s why the Women in CE organization is so important to me.

Founded by the amazing Carol Campbell; it lets me give back. There’s not always time for talking with people and sharing my experiences in journalism and what led me on my career path but the Women in CE conference every June spearheaded by Carol is the one event I always make time for.

Women in CE is focused on empowering women, building networks and supporting career opportunities across the breadth of the consumer electronics industry. There are tools and resources for members to interact, exchange ideas, educate, and empower each other.

I have been on panels about mentoring, conducted social media makeovers for women looking to get ahead, and chatted with women who had simple questions or needed a sounding board. My favorite piece of advice that I’ve shared over the years came from my husband, not another women who was helping in my career. He taught me to “proceed until apprehended.” In other words, stop asking for permission to do something and just do it. It’s the best piece of advice I ever got and he reminds me of that mantra to this day.

This year I was both honored and privileged to receive a Women in CE Legacy Award at an event at CES 2015. To be recognized by my peers – a group of women – is an accomplishment I am deeply proud of.

As I said at the event, I’m happy to wait in line for the ladies room at CES. It’s simply another way of sharing the space with a group of smart, talented, professional women.
Eternal thanks to Carol Campbell for all she does for so many people.

Below is a video overview of the event in Las Vegas.

Next Project: Executive Producer and Host of CE Week TV

Many of you have asked what I’m doing lately, and quite frankly, I’ve been so busy doing that I rarely have time to post about it.

Aside from consulting, doing tech segments and writing, I produced MommyTech TV at CES in January, which was a huge success.

I’m excited to announce my next project: Executive Producer and Host of CE Week TV in June.

You can read more about the conference and the scheduled panels here.

If you’re a journalist and would like to moderate a panel and be a media partner, please let me know. If you’re a company interested in exhibiting at the conference, visit www.CEWeekNY.com or contact Eric Schwartz at eschwartz@napco.com.

I look forward to seeing you all there in June.

Andrea Smith Named Executive Producer and Host of CE Week TV
New York, NY – March 10, 2014 – Award-winning news and technology journalist Andrea Smith has been named Executive Producer and Host of CE Week TV, which will be broadcast from the main exhibit hall and studio at the 2014 CE Week in New York City, June 25-26.

For the first time the entire CE Week Conference program and all press conferences will be live-streamed for tech enthusiasts worldwide. Viewers will have the opportunity to use social media to ask questions and interact with the speakers.
Read more here.

Women in CE-Take Risks, Proceed Until Apprehended!

During CE week last month, I had the opportunity to join some incredibly accomplished women in a career-enhancing discussion, much of it focusing on being a woman in a male-dominated industry. However, panel moderator extraordinaire Cathie Black spent much of her keynote speaking about taking risks and rising to challenges, so of course she began by asking about my recent decision to leave my job at ABC News for a new position at Mashable.

You can read about the panel here: http://www.dealerscope.com/article/rising-top-women-ce-style-25033984/1 or pasted below, but suffice it to say it was engaging discussion prompting lots of audience questions. Wish we could have kept going!

Rising to the Top: Women in CE Style

Panel Answers Burning Career Questions

June 27, 2012By Stephanie Adamow

The first Women in CE career-enhancement forum comprised of several presentations and panel programs illustrating keys to success for females in this industry. One of these panels focused on “Insights on Success: An Exploration on Rising to the Top.”

The panel, moderated by the day’s keynote speaker, Cathie Black, former chairwoman and president of Hearst Magazines andNew York Times best-selling author of “Basic Black: The Essential Guide to Getting Ahead at Work (And in Life),” included Sandra Benedetto , director of Field Engineering for THX Media Director technology at THX Ltd.; Karen Chupka , senior VP of Events and Conferences at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA); Andrea Smith , channel editor, Mashable Lifestyle; and Kristine Welker , VP, chief revenue officer for Hearst Digital Media.

Black directed career questions to the panel, beginning with the topic of risk-taking, specifically asking is taking risks scary? Stupid?

Andrea Smith was the obvious first respondent, having recently left a 25-year career at ABC to join Mashable. “It’s scary, stupid, smart, challenging—all of it! No matter how fulfilling and challenging your current position may be, when something comes along that pokes at your passion, you have to take the risk. There may not be another opportunity.”

Hearst’s Welker also jumped ship from print to digital media at the company. “It was a scary decision,” she admitted. “There were people who told me I was crazy, but there were people who said that I could build my career and the company’s brands.

“It took me six months to realize that I didn’t know digital at all, but I am learning every day.”

When asked what being in the CE industry had taught her, THX’s Benedetto responded that she had found supportive men, even though as a woman she felt the need to prove herself.

“It does help to cultivate alliances with men and women in the CE industry,” Benedetto said.

“Women may stand out in this industry,” added CEA’s Chupka, “but that’s a good thing.”

Is it exciting to be in the CE industry? Would you recommend it to a young college grad?

“I would absolutely encourage a young woman to join,” said Benedetto. “It is an exciting time; we have a lot to offer the industry. We offer purchasing power but also what we need—our perspective is vital to this industry.”

“I have fallen in love with tech,” added Welker. “There is great opportunity for women. We are online more, we are the consumers, we have the ability to come up with new perspectives. We have become comfortable with being uncomfortable—to be ok with being the only woman. We are the early adopters of blogs, social media, mobile—a ton of opportunities there.”

One of the most resonating themes that pervaded the day came from Smith when asked about the most important lesson she’s learned. “Proceed until apprehended,” she said, meaning that she opened many doors for herself ABC by doing things she was interested in until someone told her to stop, which they never did. Smith admits it was her husband who gave her the advice, foreshadowing a topic that would come up later in the day’s program—how thinking like a man in your career can be beneficial.

Super Bowl Apps: My ABC World News Now Segment

The Super Bowl XLVI 2012 is set for February 5th at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Here are some free apps to help get ready for the big day. This is video of my segment on ABC’s World News Now originally seen here:

First, where to watch:

If you’re stuck at work or nowhere near a TV for Super Bowl XLVI, you’re in luck. This year, for the first time ever, NBCSports and NFL.com will offer a live stream of the big game. NBC Sports has been streaming Sunday Night games for a few years now so here’s what you should expect: You’ll get additional camera angles, DVR-like controls to pause live game play, and social networking capabilities.

NFL Mobile (iOS, Android)

This is the first time that we’ll be able to watch a live stream of the game legally on mobile phones. NFL Mobile is the place to be and Verizon is the network to be on if you want a live stream of the SuperBowl.  You need to download NFL Mobile “Premium” which includes the live video part of the app (games, NFL RedZone during the season and 24/7 NFL Network).   Premium is at no extra charge for 4GLTE smartphones users.  Users with 3G devices must subscribe to Verizon Video at $10/month to get the live video.

The app features live audio, current drive chart, real-time scores and lets you easily post comments to Facebook and other social networking sites. You’ll also see additional camera angles, in-game highlights and live stats.

A word of caution on data; remember watching all that video will chew through your data plans so keep an eye not just on the ball but on your reminders as well. Verizon will send a reminder every 10 minutes for the first 30 minutes asking if you’re still there, and want to continue watching….just to be sure. If you don’t respond, the video stops.  And, the app also offers the option to watch the live video over wi-fi, if available. 


Giants Mobile (iOS, Android)

The official app for Big Blue. This free app offers Giants fans real-time news, video on demand, photo galleries, all the latest stats, and a place to check out all the lastest Giants-related Tweets. You can share your own comments to Facebook or Twitter right from within the app, or check in to the stadium when you arrive for the game.


New England Patriots 2011 (Android, iOS, BlackBerry)
Fans of the New England Patriots know to go to this official team app for the latest news and videos. Also stats and scores, game details, video and audio broadcasts. Their photo gallery includes pictures of cheerleaders! You also earn points for watching videos that you can redeem when buying  fan merchandise.


ESPN ScoreCenter (iOS, Android, Win Phone 7)

Sports fans probably already have this app but if you’re going to be arguing stats with others while watching the game, you need this. ScoreCenter gives you one-touch access to everything you need to know for the big day, including stats, news and standings. You can set alerts for your favorite teams, and on game day, get live game details and analysis featuring last play and in-game stats.


A+ Superbowl Commercials (iOS)

Are you a fan of the Super Bowl commercials? Of course you are! This app collects the YouTube links to some of the best commercials from year’s past, and will update as soon as new ones are posted.



Facebook App

Facebook has teamed with USA Today on an app to let Facebook users rate Super Bowl commercials and share and discuss the ads with their friends. Since 1989 USA Today’s Ad Meter has ranked ads shown during the big game. Now, Facebook members will be able to vote, and see the results of their voting when the results are released on Feb. 7th.


All news having to do with commercials for the big day; what to expect, what’s already been teased, what’s coming on the big day.


Meeting Paula Faris, ABC’s newest anchor

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to work with Paula Faris, ABC’s new anchor of World News Now and America This Morning. Who knew she used to do sports in Chicago? How awesome!! My best Super Bowl apps segment was a great introduction, aside from minor technical issues with Wi-Fi in the studio. Oh yeah, we pre-taped a Valentine’s Day segment as well, here’s a picture.

Video Games for Kids; Young and Old: My ABC World News Now Segment

Is there a gamer on your gift list? Without a doubt, one of the best things to happen to video games is Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect accessory. Used with the Xbox 360 gaming console, it opens up a whole new world for young kids, one that makes full use of the camera and motion sensor technology. And other companies are using those technologies to get kids up off the couch and moving more than their thumbs, while exploring and interacting like never before.

Here are a few I like that I recently showed on ABC’s World News Now:


Game and bear $69.99

Just game $49.99

Kinect required

Every parent of young kids knows it’s next to impossible to get through the mall without first stopping at Build-a-Bear. So what’s better than putting your own bear into a video game, and being able to play with it? You choose from one of 4 bears, personalize it with clothing and accessories and then scan it with the Kinect sensor. It will appear as a playable character on Bear Island that you can go off on adventures with, explore caves and waterfalls, play games back and forth, or just use your hand to pet your bear friend. The animals respond to voice commands like “jump,” “roll over” and “play dead.”

http://www.buildabear.com/shopping/productBrowse.jsp?categoryId=cat10360001&selected=gift-ideas#cat10360001&sc_cid=ps_BAB Brand | Kinectimals&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=G BAB | Brand&utm_keyword=kinectimals build a bear


Kinect required


This is a storybook adventure that gets kids up and moving, while playing with their favorite Sesame Street characters, and new monsters they meet along the way. They help Cookie Monster and Elmo in their quest to assist Marco with her birthday party planning. Along the way, they perform tasks but not just mini-games; they’re actually interacting with the characters in the game, like tossing a ball of trash into a garbage can on screen, running along with them or flying by flapping their “wings.” Mixed in are lessons about cooperation and sympathy, and much like the TV show, they learn to cultivate friendships and conquer their fears, right from their living room.

The game is designed so that two players can play at once, so a parent or sibling can join in. They can drop in or out of the game at any point which is nice, since little one’s patience for getting to the end of a game is sometimes lacking. The games are just as fun with one player because kids are using their whole body as the game controller, so they’re fully engaged with what they’re doing.



Let your kids drive a car on your iPad? Really? That’s the basic idea behind Disney’s new Appmates; iPad-friendly toys that basically turn your tablet into a virtual play mat. You buy a twin pack of mini toy cars, each representing a character from Cars 2 with sensors on the base of the cars. Download the free app and you’re ready to hit the road. Each car is recognized by the app so the game knows who is playing and where it is on the screen.

Kids guide the car and explore the area around Radiator Springs while performing tasks, and picking up objects along the way, like Lightning’s Horn or a metal detector. You never know when they might come in handy!

They can also compete in races and earn coins, which let them outfit the vehicle with virtual special tires, or fuel. Once you get the hang of it, the cars are easy to maneuver, and as we found in the newsroom, much easier for a 5-year-old than it is for an adult. I can see a lot of back-seat driving happening with these Cars!



Tablet gaming has become a popular pastime, but smashing a button on a flat, smooth surface doesn’t always give you the tactile feel you need when playing an arcade-style game. Sometimes you just lose that sweet spot and end up hitting nothing. Enter the Logitech Joystick for iPad, a small piece of plastic that adds a physical control to most tablet titles. The joystick itself is a black thumbpad, which is held in place by two suction cups you place right on the screen. It holds the trigger perfectly in place with enough sway to let you maneuver left or right, or whichever way you need to play a great game of Pac Man or Space Invaders.


Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Xbox 360PS3, Wii, PC, Mac, $69.99

Skylanders, by Activision, is not a new title, many are familiar with Spyro the Dragon, but it’s a new approach to the video game platform. The starter pack comes with the game software, plus three plastic toy figures based on the game, and a Portal of Power that plugs into the game console. Placing the figurine on the portal brings the character to life in the game. Beam me up, Scotty! Each character has different powers and of course, you’ll need to collect them all in order to win the game so prepare for the add-ons but it’s a great concept and will keep the game-play going for a long time. Also welcome is the fact your kids can take their characters to a friend’s house and battle with their characters in the virtual world.

The starter pack comes withSpyro’s Adventure game, Portal of Power, three Skylander Character Figures, poster, three trading cards, sticker sheet, three Web codes and AA batteries.



Sony Move required

If your gang likes to dance, this is the game for you! Slide in the disc, follow the dance moves on the screen and get rocking! Everybody can dance to 40 of the top hip hop, pop and club favorites, including songs by Outkast, Usher, and evenBarry White.

There’s a dance class/tutorial mode for newbies, party mode where you dance off against friends, create your own moves and see if they can match them. There’s even a place where you earn extra points for singing along. Using the PS move controller and the PlayStation eye camera, your every move is recorded, so videos or snapshots, humiliating or not, can be posted and shared to on Facebook or Twitter to keep the laughter going.


This post originally appeared on www.abcnews.com and the video appeared here: http://abcnews.go.com/WNN/video/wnn-top-gadgets-holidays-15143090?tab=9482930&section=13641035

Tablets Made Just for Kids: My ABC World News Now Segment and Article:

Still handing your iPad off to your toddler? Not good at sharing? Guess what? They make tablets designed just for your tots, and some of them can do almost exactly what your expensive iPad can do. Here’s my recent segment from ABC’s World News Now featuring the latest tablets for kids:

Come on, you know you’ve done it. Handed that uber-expensive iPad off to your toddler, in exchange for just a few minutes of peace and quiet. Except to your kids, that expensive tablet is just a toy, made to be dropped and banged around a little while those awesome apps are being played.

It may be time to get them a tablet of their own. Here are some tablets made just for kids, designed to hold up to the toughest tyke, while still entertaining and educating.

 Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer w/ Camera $99

When your kids are old enough to want a tablet of their own, but way too young to walk around with yours, or you’re just not into sharing your $500 iPad, there’s the LeapPad Explorer.

It’s a 5-inch tablet in kid-friendly green or pink, with a color touch screen, a built-in camera, microphone, stylus and 2GB of onboard storage. Kids ages 4-9 will have hours of fun reading e-books, or having them read aloud to them, watching videos, creating artwork, or playing educational games.

The tablet takes full advantage of the accelerometer for games like Roly Poly Picnic, in which you tilt the screen left and right to navigate a maze and spell out a word. The games automatically adjust to a child’s grade level. There are over 100 games, digital books and apps available for download for $5-25, and the unit will work with games developed for Leapster Explorer.

Parents can follow their child’s progress by connecting the LeapPad to the computer and seeing where extra help might be needed.


 VTech InnoTab 4-9 $79

For those with Kidizoom cameras or other VTech products, the VTech InnoTab is a great choice for a kid tablet. It’s loaded with apps, games, videos and books, and you can watch videos or look at pictures from the Kidizoom camera on your tablet.

The interactive E-Reader lets you choose whether to read books, have them read to you, or simply click on individual words to hear them read. Games use the built-in accelerometer to teach math and letters and the art studio lets you paint, draw or color with your fingers or the included stylus.

The screen is a 5-inch color LCD surrounded by kid-tough plastic, so its rugged enough to last a few years. The tablet comes pre-loaded with some apps, and others can be purchased online, or game cartridges can be bought for $25.

This may save your patience and sanity during long car rides, and let you keep your tablet for looking up restaurants and directions, but I’d recommend a pair of headphones to plug in … the game music can get very annoying.


 Vinci Tablet $389

The Vinci Tablet moves away from the kid toy look and delivers a real tablet with educational content. It runs on the Android 2.2 OS, something parents might be familiar with, has a 7-inch screen, 512 MB of RAM and a real camera — a 3MP camera in back.

It’s encased in a soft non-toxic, rugged casing, and there’s no WiFi, just in case those health hazard rumors are true.

All this for a kid? Yes, say Vinci’s developers. In fact, it comes pre-loaded with educational games, videos, music and animated storybooks, designed by the founder, who happens to be a mom as well. She says just like play time, there should be learning time, and instead of passively watching a screen, a child using Vinci is exploring and intuitively learning.

The screen is beautiful and there is a lot of interaction in story books like The Ugly Duckling.

The lullabies feature crisp, sharp images that flow with the music.

The cost for all this learning is more in line with a grown-up tablet than the competition’s. The Vinci starts at $389, with a $479 version that offers double the battery life and comes pre-loaded with more content.


 Crayola ColorStudio HD $29.99

If you do decide to share your iPad with your kids, here’s an app that’s perfect for some family creativity time:

The thought of letting your kids draw on your tablet? No way! But with Crayola ColorStudio they can because they’re using a virtual stylus. So this may be the one time you can let them use your tablet and not worry.

The free app puts over 100 Crayola crayon colors literally at your fingertips, with tools like markers, pencils and paintbrushes. Works with the Crayola iMarker to make virtual coloring book masterpieces. There are new pictures available through app store updates. Proud parents can either print their kids’ artwork or save and post it on Facebook.

Who needs a fridge door anymore?

Coming soon, the Crayola Paint and Create app, which is more like finger-painting, along with puzzles, mazes dot-to-dot and color by number.


This post originally appeared on abcnewscom here: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/ipads-children-kid-friendly-tablets-breaking/story?id=14724793