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Best Back to School Tech 2015 on WABC TV

I brought some of my favorite Back to School tech ideas to show Michelle Charlesworth on WABC TV. I love all the gadgets I chose but my hands-down favorite is the Lenovo LaVie Z laptop which is the lightest 13-inch laptop you can buy. Honestly, it feels like a prototype when I carry it but it really does have a hard drive and a kick-ass Intel Core i7 processor. Check them all out, plus the full video here.

Back to School Tech Gadgets

A touch-enabled laptop, a smartpen, a device that displays textbooks and movies. What more could today’s students ask for?
I showed off a few tech gadgets for back to school on WABC-TV this week. You can see it here or watch the video below.

What’s on your shopping list?

8 Cool Tech Gadgets for Back to School

You may still be looking for gear for your family’s summer vacation, but college-bound kids have something else on their minds – outfitting their dorm rooms with the latest tech gear.

Here’s my Techlicious post on the best dorm gear for back to school.

It features laptops, battery packs, bags to tote around your tech, and ways to stream your music for big sound. Also check out this bonus product; Powersquid charging cable for power in the dorm room.

Practically every item you bring to school is going to have to be plugged in somewhere or has a charging cable that needs to be plugged in. Of course, each of them has large bricks on the end, making them next to impossible to fit into place on a standard power strip. Bits Limited is out with the Mini Power Squid which actually looks like a squid. It has a round body, an 18-inch power cord and three 2.5-inch plugs. Since the arms holding the plugs are flexible, it can accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes. A fourth arm has slots for two USB cables. The mini squid is grounded and can protect your devices from a sudden surge in power.

What’s on your back to school shopping list?