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Best Father’s Day Tech Gifts on WABC TV


Tech gifts to buy for Father's Day


Last week I showed off some of my favorite Father’s Day Techie gift ideas on WABC. I adore Michelle Charlesworth, have worked with her for years and her energy and personality always make these segments so fun. You can watch the full video here: yes, I flew the drone!


For more info on the products, see below.

Microsoft Surface 3

The Surface 3 is a tablet that does double duty as a portable laptop when combined with the (extra) Surface 3 Type Cover. It’s thin and light and gets about 10 hours of battery life. It runs all Windows programs, has USB ports, a headphone jack and micro USB ports. Detach the keyboard and you’ve got a 10.8-inch high res tablet for kicking back and watching videos or reading the news.
Price starts at $499

LG G4 Smartphone

This new flagship phone from LG has even iPhone lovers taking a second look. LG’s G4 phone, is a sleek 5.5-inch phone with a quad HD display running on Android 5.1. The phone has a removable battery and an impressive camera.
Its defining feature is a smart-looking hand-stitched leather back cover, available in a variety of colors. Whichever carrier Dad uses, there’s a deal through Father’s Day for an extra battery and storage.
T-Mobile is offering five times more memory and if Dad is a world traveler, make sure to check out T-Mo’s Simple Global Feature which includes unlimited data and texting to the US.

Sengled Pulse Bulbs
The Sengled Pulse Bluetooth bulb is a simple way to get great-sounding music in any room of the house. It’s an LED light bulb with integrated JBL Bluetooth speakers. They’re super easy to install, just replace the bulb in any standard E26 socket and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Use the Pulse app to control the music and dim the light. The Pulse Solo is $59.99 or pick up a master and satellite set of two dimmable bulbs for $169.

MyCharge HubPlus

Never run out of battery again. The myCharge HubPlus portable charger has built-in Lightning and Micro USB cables for charging devices on the go. Dad can charge up his tablet and phone at the same time – there’s plenty of power. And when it comes time to charge up the charger, a built-in wall prong makes it quick and easy to power up the 6,000 mAh battery for the next trip. It’s small, fits easily into a bag or backpack and is a life-saver for staying connected on the go.

Knomo Bude Backpack

Dads don’t always carry briefcases anymore because their stuff is smaller and more mobile. Laptop-toting dads will appreciate the look and comfort of Knomo Bag’s Bude Backpack, made of a lightweight canvas that’s both dirt and water resistant – perfect for the city. There’s a padded compartment inside that protects up to a 15-inch laptop and a tablet, and lots of compartments for keeping cables and gear organized.

Parrot Bebop Drone

What’s more fun that flying a drone around the neighborhood or on the beach? Flying a drone that that has a built-in camera that captures 1080p video and can shoot 14mp stills. The Parrot Bebop Drone is made of impact-resistant foam, and is lightweight enough for you to take anywhere. No worries about the learning curve; the propellers stop automatically on impact and if the drone gets too far away from you, a GPS function lets you call the drone back home.

Father’s Day Techy Gift Ideas: My ABC World News Now segment

Father’s Day is Sunday June 19th and if Dad’s a techy, I have some great gift ideas for you. Here’s my segment from ABC’s World News Now, plus a few extra ideas down below.

Anything else I should add? Let me know!

Apple TV -$99

Times have changed since the original Apple TV sold for well over $200.  Today Apple TV users can rent thousands of commercial-free, HD TV episodes from iTunes for $.99 with up to 30 days to start watching and then 48 hours to finish—or even watch multiple times. Users can also rent over 7,000 movies with over 3,400 of them available in HD. Most new releases are available the same day they’re released on DVD. You get access to Netflix, YouTube, MLB.TV, plus all the music and videos on your networked computers running iTunes.

Movies are streamed in 720p HD with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. New titles cost $4.99, older ones run $3.99. Movies can also be rented in standard definition for $3.99, $2.99 for older titles.

With a basic Netflix subscription of as little as $8.95 a month, you can stream over 15,000 movies and television episodes to your Apple TV at no additional cost, with unlimited viewing.

AirPlay is a new feature that lets users stream media from their iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad or, use them as the Apple TV Remote with an app available for free on the iTunes App Store.

The Remote app can be synced with the Apple TV, and allows users to navigate menus using swiping gestures on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad’s touchscreen, as well as play, pause, rewind, and fast forward. It also makes it easier to search for media. Instead of having to select each letter on the on-screen keyboard, you can just use your device’s touchscreen keyboard to enter the info.




Bring on the big, bright screen! The new Samsung Infuse 4G for AT&T makes me want to play Angry Birds all day!

Its gorgeous 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display doesn’t have much of a bezel, so the entire touchscreen is yours to fiddle with. Plus, it’s thin; It’s just 8.9mm (.35-inches) thin for the most part, and even though the phone looks huge, its feel very light; just .29 pounds. At first I thought I forgot to put the battery in. AT&T says it’s their thinnest phone yet, and it feels superb in your hand. The camera is top notch; 8 megapixel with LED flash. And if you have 4G in your area, you should be clocking pretty good speed. And oh yeah, it comes pre-loaded with its own version of Angry Birds.

Price requires a 2-year contract.



We’ve had Portable Bluetooth speakerphones in cars for some time……as a hands-free way for drivers to stay in touch while on the road. Recently, Bluetooth devices with text-to-speech capabilities have become popular, they read out the name of a caller, and let you ask simple commands by voice such as “Call home, check battery, redial last nimber.” The new SuperTooth HD adds something new for social networking fiends who can’t seem to take a break while on the go. The SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant feature lets drivers compose and send Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and SMS messages, all without taking their hands off the wheel.

The device can also read incoming e-mail and SMS messages on Android and Blackberry phones from within the email or SMS application.

While the SuperTooth HD is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, the SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant app is currently for BlackBerry and Android devices only. The freely downloadable app provides users six months free usage of all features but to continue to use the full functionality, you need to subscribe at $6 per month or $59.99 annually.



If anyone gave me a vaccum for Mother’s day, I’m not sure how pleased I’d be. But when I brought home the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim to test it out, my husband ran off with it and I haven’t seen it since…until this segment. It’s pricey, but anything that can get my husband vacuuming the house, and cleaning up after himself when he does projects around the house, is totally worth it.

The Digital Slim has Dyson’s innovative technology built in, a digital motor that claims to be three times faster than the average motor, and it comes with a “fade-free” lithium ion battery. The detachable long-reach wand cleans way up high, does the floor without bending over, and attachments lets you fight into very tight spots.


Logitech Z305 Laptop Speakers $45

If Dad’s a road warrior who never goes far without his trusty laptop, get him an upgrade in the sound department. The Logitech Z305 provides 360-degree sound from one USB connection. The speaker itself is shaped like a tube with speakers on either end, and is clipped to the top of the laptop’s screen. Logitech claims having speakers on wither end will broaden the “sweet spot” and project the sound farther than traditional forward-facing speakers. No external power supply needed, it drawers its power from the laptop’s USB. There’s also a 3.5-inch auxiliary port for plugging in external music players.



Brookstone Instant Slide and Negative Scanner $99

If Dad’s the photo bug in the family, this slide scanner will help clean out some closet space.  Get those boxes of old slides and negatives you’ve been meaning to digitize, scan them in, and convert them to high-res digital files.

The images are saved directly to an SD card to you don’t even need to connect to a computer or take up hard drive space if these are intended for archiving. Not sure? The built-in 2.4″ LCD screen lets you view the images right away, so you can send them to your computer, a digital picture frame or long term storage. Now, what to put in the closet?



iLuv i303 Sweatproof Sport Ear Clip Headphones $15

If Dad is a runner or a gym dude, he knows what happens to earbuds when they get sweaty. The iLuv Sweatproof Sport Ear Clip fits over your ear, so it keeps the earbuds in place – in your ear, while you’re jogging or lifting. They’re sweat and splash proof for running in the rain, with an in-line volume control to turn up the tunes when the traffic gets too loud.

Blanklabel.com Custom shirt approx. $75

Forget the tie, get Dad a shirt. And not just any shirt, one that you’ve made especially for him. Blanklabel.com lets you choose a style, and design almost every detail. Choose whether you want a standard pinpoint or button down collar, single button or French cuff, pocket, no pocket, even whether you want the same fabric on the inside of the collar. And what about Dad’s whose middles are a bit larger than their arms are long. No worries, you can customize the sizing as well. Check out the site for the wide selection of fabrics.


Case-Mate Custom Case  $35

Remember when we made cement handprints for Dad? So last century. Now we can design custom cases for his smartphone with DIY cases from Case-Mate. You can borrow inspiration from his favorite artist and design something you know he’ll love, or, simply upload a photo of the kids or the family and he can carry it with him everywhere his phone goes…which, of course, is everywhere.