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Best Back to School Tech 2015 on WABC TV

I brought some of my favorite Back to School tech ideas to show Michelle Charlesworth on WABC TV. I love all the gadgets I chose but my hands-down favorite is the Lenovo LaVie Z laptop which is the lightest 13-inch laptop you can buy. Honestly, it feels like a prototype when I carry it but it really does have a hard drive and a kick-ass Intel Core i7 processor. Check them all out, plus the full video here.

When Siri Speak Goes Wrong – Hilarity Ensues

Last night I was helping my mom with her Siri skills. I was getting a lot of blank emails from her and know that my mother is never without something to say.

Because of her arthritis, she sometimes has a difficult time typing on the iPad’s virtual keyboard. I’ve shown her how to use Siri to dictate her emails but she still needs a little practice.

She sends before Siri has had a chance to actually process the text, resulting in blank emails. So, I sat with her to show her how and why she needs to read the text before sending…just to make sure Siri writes what she actually said. 

Siri must have known what I was trying to show her, because she delivered this:


ImageA good laugh all around, as well as a good lesson! Thanks, Mom!

Tech Fashion for Women

Women need a little something to call their own in the world of tech. Somehow a black laptop bag and a gunmetal or grey laptop just doesn’t cut it anymore. Women are reaching that glass ceiling in many tech companies and they want to look as fashionable as they are powerful. Even Barbie has a new career as a computer engineer and you can bet she’s got some great fashion items to go with all that gear.

So what kind of tech does the fashionable female geek carry? Check out my latest ABC News Now segment for a few of the latest items around.

Brilliant Pink CW Series Configure-to-Order PC

Hard Candy makes protective shells

Mobile Edge Laptop bags

The Pogo Stylus

Heartbeats by Lady Gaga